As NRCO Investments, we believe in a sustainable approach to doing business, an approach that encompasses all stakeholders and embraces their growth together as one whole. As such, growing the capabilities comes as our natural course of action and determined sense of purpose. Through our direct impact projects, we aim to:

  • Support in the food security in general
  • Elevate the quality of products & services at offer in the region
  • Introduce technological advancements into our various areas of intervention
  • Revive the agricultural sector through direct investment, training, and Research & Development directed at key crops of promise
  • Create jobs for the youth, whether in the region or beyond
  • Contribute to skills building through field training workshops
  • Establish an Applied Training Lab where the youth can train, practice and flourish
  • Contribute to building the self-sufficiency of the region by moving away from a consumption economy into a knowledge economy



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