NRCO Investments is well on the way of an ambitious phased Agricultural Investment project of developing and growing crops that is aligned with the region’s economic and social development goals and strategic objectives.

In the initial phase of our agricultural development project, extending over 3 years, the land being cultivated will serve as a pilot plot on which technologically advanced and enabled cultivation techniques, along with extensive Research and Development (R&D) will pave the way for later scaling of the project on a mass level to meet the annual consumption needs from the planted crops on the level of export and use in food processing industries.

Through strategic investments in the agricultural sector, we aim to:

  • Support in the food security, by contributing to its food basket of legumes and livestock fodder
  • Create jobs for the local youth and contribute to skills building through field training workshops, towards reviving the agricultural sector in the region
  • Export local product to international markets, and distribute in local market
  • Introduce effective structures for Marketing product in UAE Markets
  • Introduce modern farming techniques and automation (machining) into farming
  • Introduce renewable energy technologies, such as Solar Water Pumping System

Our direct areas of intervention in agriculture will be:

  • Farming
  • Cultivation R&D
  • Agricultural training & laboratory
  • Industrial automation & tech-enablement of the agricultural sector
  • Seed development
  • Hydroponic farming
  • Aeroponic farming
  • Vertical farming
  • Educational programs



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