• Drilling & Workover Equipment

Drilling & Workover Equipment

A) Rigs:
NRCO is able to provide customers drilling and workover rig solutions with advanced technology and world-class HSE compliance, including rig design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, spare parts supply and personnel training.

  • Land Rigs
  • Truck-mounted Rigs
  • Trailer-mounted Rigs
  • Big Easy Rigs
  • Geothermal Rigs
  • Helicopter Rigs
  • Supersingle Rigs
  • Coal-bed Methane Rigs
  • Waterwell Rigs
  • Workover Rigs

B) Rig equipment

  • Drawworks
  • Mud Pumps
  • Top Drives
  • Derricks and Substructures
  • Drilling Instrumentation
  • Diesel Generator Sets
  • SCR/VFD Electric Control System
  • BOP Stacks and Koomy Units
  • Solid Control Equipment
  • Wire Ropes

C) Drilling Downhole Tools

  • Drill Bits Supply
  • lntegral Blade Stabilizers
  • Sleeve Stabilizers
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Drilling Jars
  • Hole Openers
  • Roller Reamers
  • Drop-in Check Valves
  • lnside BOP Valves
  • Float Subs and Valves
  • Arrow Check Valves
  • Kelly Cocks
  • Downhole Motors
  • Drill Stem Crossover Subs

D) Well Completion
NRCO is able to provide wide range of completion & production equipment to the oil and gas production demands of customers. For conventional oil and gas, coal seam gas and shale gas production, the technical solutions can be customized for recovery mode selection and optimization, equipment integration, installation, commissioning, on-site training, breakdown diagnosis and elimination and spare parts supply.
For heavy oil thermal recovery, sand control, wax control and removal, tertiary oil recovery, NRCO can also provide comprehensive solutions including equipment supply and technical services to effectively enhance oil recovery for customers.

  • Downhole Electrical Submersible Pumps Supply (ESP)
  • Wellheads & Christmas Trees
  • Pumping Unit System: Pumping Units, Sucker Rods and Subsurface Pumps
  • Progressing Cavity Pump System (PCP)
  • Gas-Lift System: Surface Equipment & Downhole String
  • Swabbing Trucks
  • Well Completion
  • Cementing, Fracturing and Acidizing
  • Sand Control
  • Wax Control & Removal
  • Heavy Oil Thermal Recovery
  • Water Shutoff in Oil Well
  • Separated Zone Recovery
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Separated Zone Water Injection



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