With deep-rooted expertise in trade operations since 1977 in the United Arab Emirates, what started as Al Ahli General Trading was destined to expand and branch in its development of parallel sectors. From chief roles in general trading, to working exclusively with the leading markets around the world and bringing trusted partnerships, novel ideas, as well as state-of-the-art technology in tracking and transportation to the local and international scenes, the company took a giant leap into the industrial sector in 2020 under the leadership of its new generation of entrepreneurs hailing from the Al Ahli sphere, thus establishing the most technologically advanced and second largest factory in the UAE in its segment under the name of International Food Industries (IFI) LLC. With a rich backbone of longstanding industry experts, IFI started instantly catering to a high-profile client base of big names and major players in the market.
Hence and because of the updates that occurred in the global market recently and the new requirements of energy and food security, we decided to establish a company that takes care of all those aspects under the name of NRCO INVESTMENTS in 2020, United Arab Emirates – Dubai, with Commercial Registration No. 224220..
With strategic directives and divisions focused on Agriculture (farming, cultivation R&D, agricultural training & laboratory, industrial automation & tech-enablement of the agricultural sector), Industrial Services, Foodstuff Trade (commodities and finished goods), and Oil & Gas Services, and with projects and major contracts well underway, NRCO Investments is the name you need to know today, for your partner of choice in building the Region’s tomorrow.


To provide best in class, value adding, sustainable solutions to business problems and consumer needs in our geographic areas of intervention, be it in agriculture, manufacturing, oil & gas, foodstuff trading, research, training and development.


To harness the powers of technology, innovation, and integrity of purpose in becoming a partner of choice today, for a trusted tomorrow.


  • To provide solutions, not just products or services, of the highest quality and the best value
  • To employ our expertise in setting new industry standards for quality, reliability and sustainability
  • Safety first, quality always, and social value at the core
  • To continuously test, innovate and evolve with our communities’ needs
  • To develop strong strategic partnerships based on aligned values, and strengthened by common visions


  • Safety First: Personnel safety and staff health is our greatest responsibility, we strive for a hazard-free workplace with enthusiastic employees and safe operations. Equally important is the safety of our projects and end users, as well as our environment, so we are committed to strict safety measures and protocols in everything we do.
  • Quality: Highly specialized competencies and state-of-the-art technologies guarantee quality of the highest international standards in all our projects, services and products.
  • Proactivity: We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and live their vision to come up with the solutions to their next business needs before they’ve even occurred.
  • Time: Time is a major element in business, we commit to delivering reliable results in the shortest time-to-market and at best quality through streamlined operations and top-notch technology
  • Flexibility: We are proud of providing flexible solutions in our areas of intervention, including the existence of two all-weather outlets and a 24-hour workforce
  • Integrity: Ambition is our motivation, as a company, we strive to turn challenges into success stories, thus we aspire to ensure that we act in accordance with our values and share the adherence to conduct business in an ethical, legal, environmental and socially responsible manner


NRCO Investments is a purpose driven organization with a social depth and vision. Our inspired teamwork and combined staff efforts are built around our slogan: ONE TEAM, ONE PURPOSE


Quality control and safety measures are central to our work in all our business areas of focus. All our facilities adhere to the best and highest international standards, all Oil & Gas facilities are designed to be qualified for API certification, and our staff are trained and competent for assigned tasks.
Quality control procedures are strictly supervised by professional engineers during making and producing, from planning stage to execution stage, with clear roadmaps for immediately intervention in case of any defects or flaws.
Additionally, we take pride in excellent customer service that puts the customers, and the quality of the services and products offered to them, at the heart of every business decision.


Innovation is at the core of our work, we are known for combining the latest equipment and technologies with innovative processes and an innovation driven team of intrapreneurs and achievers. We seek to enhance our ability for innovation through determining the gaps and developing integrated solutions. Our firm objective is to maintain leadership and propagation in the market. We also incorporate our extensive experience over the years in the assigned projects and aim to have a positive impact on the environment, the community, the industry and the economy.


Ensuring a healthy and safe work environment for our staff remains a top priority in our company. We work actively to enhance a safe work environment free from risks or injuries by strict adherence to safety policies and procedures and the highest international standards. Training courses are provided for our employees according to OSHA standards. We use the best safety equipment to safeguard them. Quality Control procedures are supervised by professional engineers in manufacturing and production from the planning phase to the implementation phase.



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